(Marine Grade Plywood IS:710)

Made with 100% Hardwood timber
This is our top-of-the-range plywood, It is made from multi-laminate hardwood veneers for stability, and has extremely high quality rotary Gurjan face. Designed for high loading uses where strength is a pre-requisite, it has a superb face veneer quality, and specially treated against termite and borer in vacuum pressure impregnate plant thus Agni PLATINA is extremely resistant to fungal attack and is ideal for persistently wet and dry environments. Used and approved in high risk applications, and manufactured according to BIS standards as per IS:710.

Features of AGNI PLATINA:

  • Made with 100% hard wood timber.
  • Bonded with water proof PF resin.
  • Treated against termite and borer.
  • Double pressed for extra strength.
  • Calibrated for perfect thickness.
  • Made with pre-jointed wider core and panel.
  • 100% water proof panel.
  • High nail holding capacity

Sizes : 8x4ft, 7x4ft, 6x4ft, 6x3ft.
Thickness : 19mm and 20mm