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among all brands since more than two decades

Agni Ply has overcome obstacles to become a well-known brand in the contemporary industry and to establish itself as the Best Plywood Suppliers in Yamuna Nagar. The position we enjoy in the trade, largely speaks about our commitment to quality, innovation and customer satisfaction. We manufacture the products strictly as per ISI specifications. As a result, our finished goods are comparable to none but to its own better commitment in the future.

Best Plywood Suppliers in Yamuna Nagar

Xpress Technology is an effort from Agni, the leading Best Plywood Manufacturers in Yamuna Nagar to give you a product with better features and extra quality in every inch. Xpress technology ensures that Agni can bear the extra stress & perform as expected by the consumer. It is treated with extra care and extra pressure at the manufacturing base which makes it extremely compact, tough and dense, beating the ordinary plywood in long life, durability and value for money.

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